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Welcome to Class 2 - look at some of the things we have been doing recently....


Our text this term is Great Adventures by Alistair Humphreys. We are looking forward to reading about explorers expeditions and using their adventures to inspire us. This will link into our Geography topic for this term, of Land and Water.

Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure (Sky Ship Adventure 1)Alastair Humphreys' Great Adventurers




Our class novel for the first term was 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. It is set in the Victorian era (which we were learning about in history).  

Eloise said "It was a very emotional story, but I still enjoyed it".

Ella said "Jim really wanted to find Lizzie and Emily, but couldn't find them."

Chloe said "When Jim's mother died he had to go to the workhouse." "He became an orphan".


We enjoy applying our maths to problem solve, and working together to reason and explain our understanding.



Dion "I enjoy Maths a lot because it teaches me things I haven't learnt before".

Grace "I LOVE Maths!"

Lily "I liked learning about money because it will help me when I'm older."


We are enjoying learning about 'Light'.

This week we made biscuits which demonstrated our understanding of Opaque, Translucent and Transparent materials. They were delicious!



It was scary at first when we took part in a school day as Victorians. We would not like to be school children in the Victorian Era!

A Victorian Day Recount

Yesterday our class time travelled! We went back to the Victorian Era. The class suddenly found themselves in 1870! When we entered the classroom we saw the teachers dressed up, the dunce’s hat, chalk and slate, the tables lined up and the cane.

First Mrs Robinson checked our hands to see if they were clean. If they weren’t the teacher said “you must go and wash them.” At the start Jasmine and Max and Eli wore the dunce’s hat. Then we drew natural things with Madam Gail. It was an honour to use paper.

Next we did a bone hurting drill. It was kind of fun! Then we did arithmetic. We learnt about the kings and queens as well and even are times tables. Then we named the capital cities and countries. We did times tables with the abacus.

After that we did a game drill. It was very funny! Then we wrote a poem. It was: Children, you are very little and your bones are very brittle. Something like that. Victorian handwriting needed to be very very neat.

Then we had a Victorian playtime with skipping and hula hoops. It was very fun and nice. I really liked it. It wasn’t very long.

What a fun day!

By Grace


Our learning is interesting and exciting. We are practising being designers and engineers when making a space buggy to complete a mission to our chosen planet.

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