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Our school is a safe, welcoming place where everyone, including the vulnerable, is valued, nurtured and encouraged. Enquiring minds grow a 'love of learning' and appreciate the world, themselves and others. Our rich, creative curriculum provides time and space for the mind to grow and spirit to flourish.

September 29th (Michaelmas)  is the celebration of St. Michael (the namesake of Markington Church).  The KS2 children prepared readings, prayers and art work to celebrate.  

As Church is still 'virtual', this will be shown as part of the streamed church service on 4th October - follow this link: 

church facebook page fb.com/ourfivechurches or on the church website www.theunitedbenefice.org/engage - live from 10am.

Or.... watch the children's contribution below:

St Michael KS Presentation.mp4

Harvest Festival 2021 - St. Michael's Church


It was wonderful to be able to celebrate Harvest IN church this year - and to be able to welcome our parents to join us.  The children sang, danced, showed their art work and read their creative poetry.  

Our collection was for the Romanian farmers - and we hope it will help them to get through the hard winter.

KS2 Simile Poem - At Harvest Time (an extract)

Leaves spin like a tornado,

And glide like a swooping vulture,

Then fall to the ground like a bird with an injured wing.

At Harvest time

Cobwebs as intricate as a painting by Turner,

Hang from threads, like diamond jewellery in a shop,

And blackberries, like pupils, grower bigger and blacker.

At Harvest time

Tractors as loud as a traffic jam,

Crunch through leaves that have fallen to the ground like ripped up paper,

With a sound like the bite of toffee apple.

At Harvest time


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