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Maths Curriculum Intent

At Markington Primary School we believe that Mathematics is a fundamental life skill and we are committed to ensuring that our pupils become confident and enthusiastic mathematicians.  We encourage children to develop ‘enquiring minds’ which ‘grow a love of learning’ and ‘our rich, creative curriculum’ provides opportunities to use maths in imaginative and cross-curricular ways.

It is a core subject and is taught daily in line with statutory guidance.

Through our teaching of maths we aim to:


  • To develop in each pupil a positive attitude towards Mathematics and an awareness of the fascinating aesthetic and creative aspects of the subject as well as the importance of Mathematics in everyday modern life.
  • To provide pupils with the skills and motivation to solve problems in the areas of number, shapes, space, measures and data handling.
  • To enable pupils to develop the ability to identify a problem, select the most appropriate  mathematical strategies for a given task and choose equipment to check and evaluate their results.
  • To provide pupils with opportunities to develop logical thinking and to apply their knowledge in practical tasks.
  • To ensure pupils are provided with opportunities to use Mathematics and Numeracy in other areas of the curriculum and in real life.
  • To enable pupils to work independently and in co-operation with others.
  • To develop confidence in pupils ability in Mathematics and to encourage independence and perseverance.

Maths in Class 1


Maths in Class 2

"Maths is enjoyable, specially when we use things to help us like money"- Lottie Y4

"We need to be resilient in Maths that is challenging in a good way." - Grace Y3

"Maths is challenging and it teases my brain!"- Eloise Y4

"I like working with bar models because they help me see the answer."- Ella Y3

Maths in Year 6



All classes practise fluency as part of the daily maths lesson. This includes learning number bonds, times tables and number facts. This is revisited regularly and in a fun way to help us remember.


Problem Solving and Reasoning

We like to explore possibilities and explain our thinking with others. 



Using Our LEARNing Powers

LEARNing Powers
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