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Snow Closures

Snow Closures

As the winter progresses, we like to be prepared. We make every effort to keep the school open, however, there may be times when we have to close, either for a full day or during the day.

In the event of snow, please note the following:

Assume Markington School will open in the first instance.

Listen to Greatest Hits Radio on 97.2. They will read out lists of schools that are closed. These lists of closed schools are also published on the Greatest Hits Radio website, click on School Closures.

Check your text m.essages – we will let you know if school is going to be closed for the day as early as we can. We will also let you know if school closes during the day by text. If you do not receive school text messages, please let the office have a telephone number where you can be reached.

markington school in snow
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