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  • Will my child need to be toilet trained prior to starting Nursery?

    No, Children do not need to be toilet trained as we do have nappy changing facilities on site. We do ask that nappies, wipes and nappy sacks are provided from home along with a labelled spare change of clothes.

  • Can my child bring comfort toys to Nursery?

    Comforters can be used to support your child's transition into Nursery.

  • Do I need to provide a snack?

    A fruit snack is provided by school to all children in Early Years. Fresh milk is also available to nursery children, however we do ask that all children bring a labelled water bottle daily. 

  • Will my child need to wear uniform?

    School uniform is optional for children in Nursery. We know and encourage our children to be busy learners... and they often get wet and muddy!  So we ask that parents to send children to school in appropriate (non-uniform) clothing e.g t-shirt, sweatshirt and jogging bottoms ... and perhaps wear a school sweatshirt on top.

  • Can my child have a school lunch?

    Yes! Children have the opportunity to enjoy a hot lunch but can bring a packed lunch if preferred.

  • How do you provide for nursery children in a mixed age class?

    Mixed age classes enable us to be able to pitch learning at each individual child's needs, rather than their age.  This means we can extend and support teaching and learning, appropriately.  Because we have high staff to pupil ratios, we can support the needs of all children.

  • How can I become more involved in school?

    Our school has an active PTFA (Parent, Teacher & Friends Association) and are always looking for people to get involved. You can find out more by heading over to the community tab on the main page.

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