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Geography Curriculum Intent

At Markington Primary School we believe that good thinking skills are key to ensuring Economic Well-being for our children’s future. Children’s ability to enquire and pursue independent learning is vital if we are to secure the best outcomes for every child.  The skills of geographical enquiry alongside a knowledge and understanding of different cultures, people and places provide children with a strong sense of self-identity, self-esteem and an empathy and understanding for people throughout the world, celebrating difference and diversity.

Children must be given daily experiences and opportunities that will foster their independent learning and thinking skills. The school environment must reflect the level of importance that is placed on geographical enquiry within the school community and must provide for reinforcement, challenge and stimulation.

Through our teaching of Geography we aim to:

  • provide opportunities for children to investigate geographical issues using wide-ranging resources.
  • explicitly teach the skills of enquiry and interpretation of information
  • provide opportunities for children to investigate place in a local, national and international context
  • provide opportunities for children to investigate environmental change and sustainable development
  • Provide opportunities for children to investigate patterns and processes
  • To foster a love of writing and a recognition of its value.
  • To develop a wide vocabulary.
  • To express their ideas, emotions and views, clearly, through written and spoken language.


First we looked at our chosen Lake District mountain, focusing on the contours. Next we made a contour model. After we had a structure, we built on this with modrock. The next stage was to make the mountain look realistic. We then labelled the mountain features on our mountain. Our model also shows the water cycle over our mountain.

Geography in our local area

Sketch Plans

This topic covered: 

- Tree identification

- Land use analysis

- Our plans to develop the land

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