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Last year we had six Y6 Leavers. What did they say about their time at Markington?

Markington School has given me the chance to improve a lot more than I thought.   The teachers have different strengths (they are like the perfect team) so it helps me in everything – socially, academically, physically.  Markington School has set me up to have a good mindset to always keep going & never give up – and I think I will carry that on for my whole life.

Markington School is a very small school which means that I get lots more of the  teacher’s time .  I think is special because we are like a family.

Markington School is good because its small and you get to know everyone in the school – at Markington everyone is your friend, and this has helped my confidence -

Teachers here are very kind and the curriculum is well organised – things follow on from one another (it’s not all just bundled up in a confusing mess), this means we can make links in our learning, across different subjects, so this makes it easier for us to understand and remember.

Markington has brought my confidence up so I can get to know people faster, and I feel like that I can get through my work faster (without any struggle) and I know when I need to ask for help.  But school has taught me when I need to slow down (because sometimes I can rush) and produce good presentation and quality work.

Markington is a very small school which means that the teachers can spend more time with the children.  If you are sad, or something goes wrong, the teachers can always support you and talk to you, but that isn’t always the case in bigger schools. 

Because we are sometimes taught by different teachers at Markington, I think this will help me at secondary school when you get a different teacher for every subject. 

I used to feel anxious about maths, because I find it tricky, but now I have more confidence and resilience.  This means that at High School, I will find the trickier maths, less challenging, and I will have the right attitude to ‘not give up’.

I’ve got closer to my friends this year, because we all in the same class and can spend lessons & break times together – at secondary school, that’s not always the case, because we might get separated.  I’ll miss my old friends but know that I will make some new ones too.

The teachers are special at Markington because they know what they are doing & they always have a  plan if something goes wrong, e.g. if the internet goes down. 

Because they all care for me, and they all know me, this helps me a lot.

I’m more confident in maths now – I know that if I’m finding it hard, I can keep going…I try and try and don’t give up.  This will  help me at Secondary School & I will try to always remember this.

School encourages me to be kind to people – even if they are not kind to me, I still want to be nice to them because I understand that they may have other reasons for being unkind.  They may be hurting me…but really, it’s because they are hurting themselves. 

Markington has been a very educational and enlightening school.  It has helped me learn how to make friends and get-along with everyone.  Its good as a small school because you know everyone and so you can go to anyone if you need to talk. 

The teachers are good, so each subject is well taught, and you get to learn the subject better than you would if it was a large school.  Sometimes we are taught be different teachers, for the same subject, and this gives us different perspectives, which helps us to understand.

I have learnt how to make friends easily and instantly, which will help me move on to High School, and in life. 

At Markington School the teachers understand you more. Because there are less children in the classes, the teachers can help you more because they have more time to share.  This has really helped me in my English – I didn’t know nouns, adjectives and all that grammar stuff.  Now I am able to perfect my writing and I know that I can write amazing things. 

Markington School has taught me never to give up, and to keep trying even when things are tricky – because I might surprise myself with what I can do! 

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