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Markington School Curriculum Documents

Our Christian Vision

Our school is a Safe, welcoming place where everyone, including the vulnerable, is valued, nurtured and encouraged.  Enquiring minds grow ‘a Love of learning’ and appreciate the world, themselves and others.  Our rich, creative curriculum provides time and space for the mind to grow, and spirit to Flourish. 


Markington is a happy school with children very firmly as its centre.  We know our children and families well, and our skilled and caring staff strongly value the firm partnership between children, staff, parents, church, governors and the wider school community.  

We offer a wide range of opportunities and approaches to enhance learning, and children of all ages have opportunities to work, play and learn together.  Our teachers and support staff are highly skilled and we value the opportunities offered by the strong partnerships we have with local cluster schools and the wider teaching community—which enhances the opportunities we are able to offer our children and makes learning exciting, varied and engaging.  

Our curriculum is carefully designed to provide all children with a good education which enables them to thrive and flourish spiritually, academically and sociably.   We encourage children to strive for their best and take pride in their achievements.  Markington School gives all children strong foundations to develop into self-confident, polite and caring young people with ‘a love of learning’ and the academic and social skills to succeed.  We are determined to provide the very best start to a young person’s life.

The National Curriculum for England and the North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus for RE inform the subject-specific outcomes for individual topics.  We build our lessons on this, planning over-arching topics in order to provide a broad and balanced education which enagages and motivates each of our children to succeed. 

We relish the diversity in our community and celebrate the rich tapestry of personalities, skills and knowedge this brings.  We plan our curriulum with our school community in mind, integrating local events, our school context and the uniqueness of our children, with the statutory requirements of the DFE.

Classes throughout school are in mixed year groups and as a small school with varying cohort sizes, this class organisation can change, but we always prioritise small class sizes and high quality provision.  This enables us to regularly reveiw our curriculum and match planning and excellent teaching bespokely, to individual and cohort requirements and interests.   

Parents are given detailed guidance on the curriculum that their child is following at the beginning of each term. More information can be found on each class page or please contact school if you would like further details. 

British values
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