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Parental involvement

In Class 1 we are extremly lucky. Our families help us to enrich the children's learning by:-

  • Visiting school, sharing their knowledge or experiences for example talking about old toys from when they (parents and grandparents) were children and how they are similar or different to now.
  • Visiting to talk about their careers. For example we have family members who have talked about the roles they play in society and how they help other people in the community such as being a Paramedic, GP or Lung Specialist Doctor.
  • Donating resources to school. For example plants, herbs and seeds for the children to observe growing and be responsible for looking after.
  • Reading Volunteers who visit school occassionally to read a story of their choice. This gives the children a different person to listen to, often different stories and demonstartes how lots of people, of all ages,  love reading.
  • Volunteers who listen to our children read and chat with them about the book. 
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