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The Children and families were set the task of re-creating a famous work of art using objects from home. Each week we've asked them to look at a different artist. Look at their amazing results:

Close-up Photography - Week 6

We challenged the children to get really close to an everyday object...and look at it from a different angle.

Emily looked closely at this leaf.

The source of Emily's photograph.

Mackenzie Thorpe


Eli - Inspired by Mackenzie Thorpe

Eli - Inspired by Mackenzie Thorpe

'Sheep' by Grace

Mackenzie Thorpe Sheep Grace

Emily - Inspired by Mackenie Thorpe

Emily - inspired by Mackenzie Thorpe

Mona Charon

Mona Caron 1Mona Charon 2

'Flowers' - Painting by Alexander

'Weed' - Paint Blowing

by Alexander and Grace

Mona Charon 3Mona Charon 1

'Flowers and Weeds' - Crayon Drawing

by Alexander

Jackson Pollock

Sammy and Tilly enjoyed creating 'Splatter Paintings' just like Jackson Pollock.

Jackson Pollock
Sammy and Tilly's Splatter Painting

Boo's Spider

Week 4 - Louise Bourgeois

Amazing Spider Sculptures!

Maman (sculpture) - Wikipedia

Oscar's Spider


Week 3 - Wasskily Kandinsky

Concentric Circles - Wassily Kandinsky

Candy's Kitchen Kandinsky

Week 2 - Andy Warhol

Campbells Soup by Emily

Pop Art Inspired 'Lego Men' by Alexander

Alexander - Warhol Inspired Lego Men

Pop Art Inspired 'Nail Varnish' by Grace

Grace Warhol-inspired pop art 'Nail Varnish'

Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh

Sunflowers by Grace Y3

Sunflowers Candy 2

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Sunflowers by Alexander - R


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